Join our monthly subscription for the freshest seasonal, organic and locally sourced veg every week.


Contains 7-8 varieties of seasonal, organic veg. The bag will always have potatoes along with six or seven other vegetables or salad items and carrots and onions on weekly rotation.

£13.50 per week

Standard + Fruit

As the standard bag with 7-8 varieties of seasonal, organic veg. The fruit supplement includes 3 varieties of fruit.

£19.50 per week


The small veg bag contains 5-6 varieties of seasonal, organic veg. The bag will always contain potatoes along with four or five other vegetable or salad items and carrots and onions on rotation.

£8.90 per week

Small + Fruit

The small veg bag with 5-6 varieties of seasonal, organic veg.
The fruit supplement includes 3 varieties of fruit.

£14.90 per week


When you sign up you choose what size bag you’d like to order and start paying by monthly direct debit. Payment for the bags is taken monthly in advance at the beginning of each month (the payment amount will vary depending on whether the month has 4 or 5 weeks). When you first sign up we take payment for bags until the end of the first month. Holidays are credited to your online account and reflected in the next month's payment (see 'what happens when I am on holiday' below). Organic vegetables are ordered fresh from farmers every week. Most veg is harvested early in the week, delivered to us on Wednesday. All bags are then distributed to our shops and pick up points on Thursday where you can collect them at a time that suits you. We advise that you collect your veg as soon as possible after Thursday delivery for maximum freshness. 

Bags will contain a selection of organic seasonal produce, always British unless absolutely necessary. For example, a small bag will always contain potatoes along with four or five other vegetable or salad items and carrots and onions on rotation.

No, bags are available at different sizes but in order to keep our prices low we cannot offer bespoke bags.  

No, In order to reduce food miles (protecting the environment), keep costs down and support local businesses the scheme will deliver bags to a number of designated pick-up points each week. The bags are delivered on Thursday mornings and you can collect your bag at a time that suits. 

If you are on holiday log in and select holiday by Thursday 10am the week before the Thursday delivery and we'll cancel your bag. If you let us know by this time you will not pay for the bag.You can do this by going to the homepage, click on 'log in'. Use the email you signed up with and password. Select 'forgotten password' if needed. 

Most of our veg will be grown by our farmers who are located in Kent, Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgshire and Sussex. At certain times of year we will need to supplement local produce with items from other UK farms and occasionally from near Europe.  We are committed to supplying veg that is as local as possible but we also want to give our customers an interesting variety.  We work hard to get the right balance at a good price. We never use air freight and our use of pick up points rather than delivery to homes keeps our carbon footprint down.

Login using your username and password to access your account page. Click edit a current order in the top right. You will not be able to change an order for a week that is already in progress i.e. after Thursday 10am for the following Thursday.

The carrier bags we use are made from recycled plastic and we ask that our customers return them so they can be reused as often as possible. We use plastic bags because they are robust enough to hold the weight of the veg, waterproof and durable for customers to carry home in all weathers.Our suppliers sometimes use polythene bags for certain leafy greens. We are encouraging them to minimise using them and to use biodegradegable bags or other non-plastic materials to keep them veg fresh. Again we ask for them all to be returned for reuse.Plastic has the ability to preserve most veg such as leaves, maintaining freshness for the period from packing until pick up. So are working closely with our suppliers to source useable, practical and enviromentally sound alternatives to the current bags.We ask our customers to either decant their veg into their own bag at the pick up point and leave our bag or return our bag the following week so we can re-use it.For further information about the general use of plastic related to schemes like ours and the environment issues involved see what Growing Communities has said here.

General Terms and Conditions
  1. You can sign up and complete the direct debit online. Provided you complete the direct debit instruction by Thursday 10am, you will get your first bag of veg the following Thursday.

  2. There is no lengthy contract period but when you sign up you commit to a minimum of 1 month.

  3. After that, if you wish to stop we request that you finish at the end of month paid up to, ideally 1 month's notice. You can pause or cancel your subscription online by logging in to your account.

  4. If you want to suspend a collection, please let us know in advance, by 23:00 on Sunday at the latest so that we don't order produce for you. We will credit your account for the amount owed.

  5. If you miss this cut off point or can’t make it to the drop point, we won't be able to refund you. In this incidence, you could try to get a friend or neighbour to collect or let us know and we can donate it to one of the Food Bank's we work with.

  6. In the event that we are unable to supply the bag for whatever reason, we will inform you by email as soon as we can.

  7. If your bag is not at the designated pickup point, or the wrong size is there for you, let us know by email ( or call us on 02087781020 as soon as possible. We will make up the difference or refund you.

  8. If you are not happy with the service, please let us know.

  9. We may have to change the contents of the bag based on availability at short notice.

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