Are You Pancake Ready?

Are You Pancake Ready?

Pancake Day is fast approaching. 

Are you really going to be happy being lemon-sugar basic? Why not ring in the changes and supercharge your pancake day with some of our favourite toppings:


The Fruity Nutty One

Our fantastic cinnamon raisin peanut butter is an all-in-one pancake solution! But we like to push to the limit with the addition of sliced banana and a few crushed toasted hazelnuts.

Essential Ingredient: Butter Bike Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter


The Decadent One

How about a rich chocolate spread with a little fruit . We love the classic combination of chocolate and raspberry, but you can't go wrong with chocolate and banana either. 

Essential IngredientBiona Milk Chocolate Hazelnut or Vegan Dark Chocolate spread


The Savoury One

Spinach and feta are best buddies and make a great pancake filling, we like a little thyme or za'atar and thinly sliced red onion in ours too.

Fill them and roll or fold them while still in the pan so the feta gets a little gooey before you tuck in.

Essential Ingredients: Cypressa Feta; Organic Baby Spinach


The American One

You probably don't need us to remind you about the classic American combo of bacon and maple syrup - but Ross's incredible streaky bacon from Smoke and Cure really takes it to the next level, eespecially when paired with our rich dark maple syrup. Our American friends would round it off with a dollop of rich butter too.

Essential Ingredients: Smoke & Cure Bacon; St Lawrence Gold Dark Maple Syrup


The Spicy One

Something savoury, spicy and salty? Why not top your pancakes with kimchi? Maybe few salad leaves lightly dressed with lime and soy for a little extra crunch.

Essential IngredientJamie Ferments Kimchi or Vegan Kimchi



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