Founded in 2015 by Vicky Skingley, Good Food was crowdfunded by 350 local residents and businesses. Local residents were tired of losing high street shops to residential conversions and residents surveys identified a real hunger for a better local shopping experience. When we opened, we wanted to put local quality food back on the map in Catford and create jobs in our local economy. Later Julian and Kristen joined the team and, combining our love of great food, a passion for eating sustainability and ethical business we opened our second shop in Sydenham in September 2020.

We’re a modern grocery and social enterprise; all the money you spend in-store is reinvested in the business, goes to pay the London Living Wage and to improve our service. 

We are  packed with a thoughtfully curated range of artisan, seasonal and sustainable everyday groceries sourced from small, local producers and brands that trade responsibly, fairly and sustainably. We sell organic fruit and veg; artisan breads and pastries; wines from small independent producers; a range of locally brewed craft beer; British farmhouse cheese; British charcuterie; organic packaging-free groceries and deli fine foods.  We’re not a health food shop; We’re not an exclusively vegan or vegetarian food shop, there is something for everyone here!

We strive for low food miles, minimal plastic, fair pay and sustainability in everything we do. We source organic produce wherever possible because it’s better for soil (only natural fertilisers), biodiversity (no synthetic pesticides), animals (fewer antibiotics, higher standards of welfare) and humans (higher in nutrients, lower in nitrates and pesticide residues). We want all the food we sell to be sustainable, nutritious and delicious.