Cheese Care Guide

  • The best way of storing your cheese is to keep the cheese wrapped in its waxed paper in a Tupperware in your fridge.
  • This will help to prevent the cheese from drying out or from absorbing flavours from other foods in the fridge.
  • The wax paper can get loose so make sure the wrapping is tight before storing in the fridge
  • Foil or cling film allow the cheese to sweat - grease proof paper is a good substitute to wax paper.  
  • If you are not eating your whole piece of cheese right away cut what you want to eat and store the rest in your fridge.
  • Cheese wants to be eaten at room temperature take it out of your fridge a few hours before eating - cold cheese is bland cheese - keep your cheese wrapped up while its out so it does not dry out.
  • If it is warm in your house, you should reduce the amount of time the cheese is out of the fridge accordingly