Cheese of the Month - Kirkham's Lancashire

Cheese of the Month - Kirkham's Lancashire

We're deeply excited to welcome back Kirkham's Lancashire to the shop.

The Maker

In the last 90 years the UK has gone from having over 200 producers of raw-milk Lancashire to just one: Graham Kirkham and his sons are the last producer standing. Graham is the third generation of his family to produce this wonderful cheese and three generations of the family – Graham, his mum and his sons all work together on their farm.

The Cheese

Graham still follows the traditional two-day curd method of making Lancashire cheese, and this slow development is what gives it its complex, buttery flavour and fluffy, light, melt in the mouth texture. What the family describe as its "buttery crumble".

The Controversy

At Christmas an E.coli scare led to the FSA ordering a recall of Kirkham's Lancashire - despite the fact that just eight of the thirty-one people affected had eaten the cheese. Since then the FSA have tested 60 batches of Kirkham's cheese, 5 batches of milk and taken tests around the dairy - and have found no trace of E.coli.

Obviously a recall like this has a profound effect on a small producer - both the immediate loss of business and the subsequent bad publicity. So we think it's more important than ever to celebrate this wonderful cheese and throw our support behind the Kirkham family.

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