Cheese Of The Month - May Hill Green

Cheese Of The Month - May Hill Green

Here's the cheese we're most excited about this month. Eye-catching and unusual, let me introduce you to Mill Hill Green...

The Maker

Charles Martell has been making cheese at Hunts Court Farm in Gloucestershire for 50 years - he's best know for his cheese Stinking Bishop, which he first created in 1994 (he previously specialised in Single and Double Gloucester).

The Cheese

It's a soft, oozy, cows milk cheese, which gets its distinctive look and flavour from an (edible) topping of chopped nettles. Rich and savoury, it's named after May Hill in Gloucestershire, which is topped by 99 pine trees and is a traditional spot to greet the dawn at sunrise on May Day.

Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie... 

Sounds good? Well I'm afraid May Hill Green is exclusively available for our Real Cheese Club subscribers, who get incredible cheeses like this hand selected for them every month. Find out more here

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