What Chutney With What Cheese?

What Chutney With What Cheese?

This time of year we're always being asked what chutney goes with which cheese. So here's a quick primer of some of our most popular accompaniments and their perfect partners.


Damson Paste (Fine Cheese Company)

A firm, rich damson paste, fruity yet tart. This is best buds with Stilton - the rich flavours of both complement each other perfectly. But also a fine partner for stronger flavoured soft cheeses.

Try with: Colston Bassett Stilton, Isle of Wight Blue, Yarlington


Traditional Farmhouse Pickle (Drivers)

A classic sweet pickle - A favourite with ploughmans lunches for over 100 years. No need to over-complicate it, this is great with mature cheddar - cheese and pickle sandwich is a classic for a reason!

Try with: Montgomery's Cheddar, Lincolnshire Poacher


Membrillo (Brindisa)

Traditional Spanish quince paste. Best known as a partner to Manchego, but we prefer to have the UK's fabulous sheep cheeses on our cheeseboard. Also a winner with goat cheese.

Try with: Spenwood, White Lake Pecorino, Little Lilly


Fireflame Chilli Jam (Single Variety) 

Sweet chilli jam, tingly rather than mind-blowing. The sweet spiciness cuts through the richness of soft, squidy cheeses. 

Try with: Tunworth, Winslade, Rollright


Pear Fig and Port (Rubies In The Rubble) 

The very taste of Christmas! Made with slowly cooked pears with ripe figs and a splash of port. Feels most at home with Christmas standbys like cheddar and Stilton.

Try with: Montgomery's Cheddar, Keen's Cheddar, Colston Bassett Stilton, Colston Bassett Shropshire Blue


But don't overthink it! Remember there's no real rules for what to match with what - if it tastes good to you then that's all that matters!

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