Christmas Wine

Christmas Wine

The team paid a visit to 161 Kirkdale last month to say hello to our favourite wine supplier and taste our way round their wonderful selection of natural and organic wines. 

Every one was a winner, but we had a few particular favourites. We'll have our usual wide selection of wines for Christmas, but here are our picks that we will be featuring front and centre this festive period:


Naturlich 2022 - A peachy-hued pet-nat, fresh & crisp, a great celebratory fizz.

The ideal welcome drink for your party. Also great with seafood - try as part of a decadent smoked salmon brunch.


Chateau les Vieux Moulins 2021 – A Bordeaux with deep plummy notes  - our pick for best Christmas dinner wine.

A big rich wine, just wonderful with roast meats or mature cheeses.


Les Lochettes 2021 - Mineral, grassy notes, alive with a limestone acidity.

Perfect with salty nibbles, olives and canapes, which really bring out its unique character.


Under and Over 2022 - Light and easy drinking white, our staff's top pick. This one keeps the party going all night!

One to keep sipping on all afternoon or to pair with poultry and light pasta dishes.



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