Meet the supplier - Dr Sting's

Meet the supplier - Dr Sting's

Dr Sting's is hot honey made and bottled by hand in SE London - founded by Ben Lippett of Dinner By Ben fame and designer Jamie Kaye.

The idea for Dr. Sting’s hot honey started in Brooklyn, New York. Ben tasted it all over the city and got hooked real quick. He started experimenting a few years later and showed his pal Jamie. He got hooked real quick too. They hatched a plan, drew a picture of a cartoon bee and Dr. Sting’s was born.

Dr. Sting’s is a no bulls**t hot honey, made with blossom honey, organic chillies, apple cider vinegar and nothing else... 

Most commonly used as pizza drizzle, you'll soon find yourself putting it on everything! Think salad dressings, fried chicken, grilled halloumi or even ice cream. 

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