Gipsy Hill Carbon Negative Beers

Gipsy Hill Carbon Negative Beers

We're excited to be stocking four of Gipsy Hill's new Carbon Negative beers this month, they're the world's first beers to be carbon negative with no offsets. There's something for all tastes, from IPAs to fruity sours.

  • Inked - West Coast IPA
  • Precipitator - Double IPA
  • Glider - Blackcurrant Sour
  • Noice - Imperial Stout

This isn't about paying for carbon offsetting, it's about more sustainable processes from start to finish.

The beers use barley from Wildfarmed, grown using regenerative farming techniques that sequesters more CO2 than it produces.

What's more they use recaptured hops, which have already been used for brewing and would otherwise go to waste; for a better, more sustainable pint, without compromising on flavour.

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