Good Food - The Origin Story

Good Food - The Origin Story

A Hunger For Better Local Shops

The story of Good Food begins in 2015 when Vicky became involved with community groups campaigning to prevent local shops being turned into flats on the local high streets. Local people were tired of losing high street shops to residential conversions and residents surveys identified a real hunger for a better local shopping experience. When we opened we wanted to put local quality food back on the map in Catford, and create jobs in our local economy.


Funded By The Community

Crowdfunded by 350 local residents and businesses Good Food opened its doors soon after and then opening our second shop in the vibrant Sydenham community in 2020 - bringing some much needed joy to the area in the heart of lockdown. 

What We Stand For

Since then our mission has remained the same - to connect people with real food. We are packed with a thoughtfully curated range of artisan, seasonal and sustainable everyday groceries sourced from small, local producers and brands that trade responsibly, fairly and sustainably. We sell organic fruit and veg; artisan breads and pastries; wines from small independent producers; a range of locally brewed craft beer; British farmhouse cheese; British charcuterie and deli fine foods. We’re not a health food shop; We’re not an exclusively vegan or vegetarian food shop, there is something for everyone here!


Part of A Fairer Food System

We're constantly on the hunt for new, exciting local producers to support and offer the London Living Wage to our staff. We want to be part of a fairer food system for everyone, and we're grateful everyday for the support we get from all of you who keep visiting us and play your part in creating a better highstreet. 

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