March is B-Corp Month

March is B-Corp Month

You may have seen a little B logo on the back of your favourite products but not know what it means.

B-Corp's are certified as having the highest levels of commitment to social and environmental issues. They make all this information public and accessible and are accountable to all stake holders not just share holders.

Here is a small handful of companies we stock that are B-Corps, and what they're doing to make a difference:

Tony's - Tony's was founded with a commitment to bringing an end to modern slavery and illegal child labour. They work directly with farmers in Ghana and Ivory Coast, paying a higher price for traceable cocoa beans.

Borough Broth - Certified organic broth made from free-range, grass fed animals, slow cooked for 24 hours with no additives or preservatives.

Small Beer - London's first B Corp Certified brewery. They run entirely on renewable energy sources, and use entirely recycled or recyclable packaging. It's the world’s first brewery to operate a dry floor policy, saving more than 6.5 million litres of water to date!


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