Meet the supplier - Drivers Pickles

Meet the supplier - Drivers Pickles

Driver's have been making incredible pickles and chutneys since 1906, over four generations. Though their foodie roots go back even further, Drivers were running their grocery shop in Leicester way back in the mid-1800s.

They use 100% renewable energy, with zero carbon emissions.

We got the whole range in now, but here's a sample of some of our absolute favourites.


Real Ale Chutney 

Perfect alongside any cheeseboard, this rich, tangy chutney is the perfect complement to bold cheddars and tangy blues.


Mini Pickled Onions in Balsamic

Mini silverskin onions pickled in honey and balsamic vinegar. A sweet and sour taste bundle that's wonderful alongside a cheese toastie or as a nibble with drinks.


Bread and Butter Pickles

Delicately pickled gherkins and onions with a spicy kick of jalapeno. As the name suggests, these are great with bread and butter and perfect with a ploughman's.

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