Meet Our Bakers - Coopers, Lockdown, St John's

Meet Our Bakers - Coopers, Lockdown, St John's

For Real Bread Week we wanted to introduce you to our beloved bakers who supply us with freshly baked organic bread daily.

Cooper's Bakehouse - Set up in 2012, Cooper's have been delivering to us ever since we opened. Their everything you could want from a bakery - delicious slow-fermented, organic bread and sourdough. All their electricity is renewable, their gas use is carbon neutral and the bread is delivered by bike.

You have to try: Their newest creation - their 70% rye sourdough. Perfect with salmon and cream cheese.


St John's Bakery - The world famous, Michelin-starred St John restaurant gets through a lot of bread. So much so that they set up their own bakery in arches in Bermondsey, making sourdough and their beloved doughnuts. Luckily they're willing to share! We get sourdough, focaccia, baguettes and doughnuts from them every weekend.

You have to try: Their chocolate doughnut - clearly the best filling! 


Lockdown Bakehouse - The new kids on the block. Opened in Lockdown to sell key essentials to locals - flour, eggs & loo roll. They soon added bread and pastries to the mix, before evolving into a full-time bakery. Now they provide us with pastries every day as well wholemeal sourdough and white sourdough for our toasties.

You have to try: Their ever-changing weekend pastry special - everything from raspberry and custard danishes to camembert, potato and pesto pastries.

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