Meet The Supplier: Lottie Shaw

Meet The Supplier: Lottie Shaw

Lottie bakes seriously good cakes, biscuits and pies in the heart of the Yorkshire Pennines. Her bakes are based on recipes from her great aunts, who ran a local bakery over 100 years ago. 

Their eggs are free-range, their flour is locally milled just down the road, their oatmeal is produced by one of the oldest family firms in England, and their oil is from their award-winning friends at Yorkshire Rape Seed oil.

Try the range in the shop now!

Mince Pies - A staple of our Christmas selection since we opened. These are the real deal, packed with plump fruit.

Fruit Cake - Rich, sticky fruitcake made with boozy soaked fruit. Choose from Sloe Gin or Stoodley Stout.

Christmas Treat Tin - A selection of Lottie's award-winning biscuits, flapjacks and millionaire's shortbread.

Gingerbread Men - A kids favourite. This Christmas we have Gingerbread Snowmen and Reindeer too!

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