Organic September

Organic September

At Good Food, we are proud to always prioritise organic produce because it is better for the planet, better for animals, better for nature and better for people. 

Founded by the Soil Association, Organic September aims to raise awareness around the benefits organic farming can have on our health, the climate and nature. Organic means no pesticides used to grow crops, avoiding using synthetic fertilisers to keep soil healthy, maintaining higher animal welfare by keeping them free-range, not using antibiotics as a preventative measure and not using genetically modified foods to feed any animals. 

Organic farming is a powerful tool in our efforts to slow down climate change. Yet only 2.8% of farmland in Britain is organic. If all of Europe’s farmland followed organic principles, agricultural emissions across the continent could drop by 40-50% by 2050, while also feeding a growing population. Buying loose fruit, veg and dried goods like ours provide an added benefit of cutting food waste and single use plastic.

This week, our friends at Growing Communities have been talking about the difference between what we pay and charge for our produce, and how we can better support our farmers & suppliers. A main issue is the disparity between what big shops charge for their goods, in comparison to what they pay out. Did you know that the average supermarket only pays 8p to farmers for every £1 of veg they sell. In contrast to this, we buy our produce direct from farmers which pays 56% to the farmers!

During this cost-of-living crisis, we know that people are more and more conscious of what they are spending, but it is also important to be aware of where our money is going, who it is supporting and for this message to be spread.

There has never been a better to celebrate organic produce and choose a healthier planet.

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