Perfect Pairs - Blood Orange and Fennel

Perfect Pairs - Blood Orange and Fennel

One of nature's perfect duos.

We try to make the most of the short blood orange season. We eat them, juice them, drink them with tonic (gin or vermouth optional!), make drizzle cakes and anything else we can think of.

But when it comes to salads, you can't beat blood orange and fennel. The clean, crisp aniseed bite of the fennel, the sweet sharpness of the blood orange. It's needs nothing but a drizzle of your best olive oil and maybe a touch of lemon juice.

If you have the patience, it's worth segmenting the orange to remove the skin. Using a sharp knife slice off the top and bottom of the orange, then slice downwards all around the orange to cut away the skin. Carefully, ease a knife between the membranes to remove the segments - be sure to catch the juices to use in the dressing!

You can get fancy with it: here's a Gordon Ramsay Recipe that adds radicchio or other bitter leaves, and adds a little balsamic and honey to the dressing, but honestly this duo needs very little help to sing.

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