Perfect Pairs - White Lake Pecorino & Membrillo

Perfect Pairs - White Lake Pecorino & Membrillo

The Membrillo

We don't claim to be experts when it comes to membrillo, the famous Spanish quince paste.

Fortunately we know someone who is... Brindisa. They've been supplying us with exceptional membrillo since we opened. It comes from Paiarrop, who have been making it for 35 years in Valencia. They use just two ingredients, locally sourced quince and sugar, with no sweeteners, flavourings or anything else.


The Cheese

We are however experts on cheese! Purists may throw their hands up and say that membrillo has to be paired with Manchego - but we love it with our White Lake Pecorino from Bagborough Farm near Glastonbury - it's real rockstar!

Winner of a host of awards, including Gold at the World Cheese Awards and being named Supreme Champion at the British Cheese Awards in 2019.


The Pairing

The cheese has a rich, creamy flavour with a touch of roasted hazelnuts and a mild fruitiness that pairs perfectly with membrillo, which flatters and accentuates the complex flavour profile of the cheese. Great with toasted sourdough or crackers - you could beef up the cheeseboard further with grapes, lightly toasted walnuts, ripe pears and a drizzle of rosemary oil.

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