South East London Hamper

Shop small this Christmas

We’re all well aware that there’s a cost of living crisis on at the moment. More than ever, everyone loves a bargain and there’s lots of amazing deals to be had the Black Friday. But if you can afford it, please consider supporting a small independent business this Black Friday instead.

All the deals you see come at the expensive of something. Whether it’s low quality products, underpaid and/or overworked workers and products that are often sent from the other side of the world, with all the environmental impact that entails. All to pad the profit sheet of huge companies that aren’t paying their fair share in taxes or wages.

This is why every year we are proud to support ten small businesses in one with our South East London Hamper; which gives you a fabulous taster of some of the best artisan food, drink and gifts, all made within 5 miles of our shops.

So if you can, put your money towards a small local business that’s employing responsibly in your community, using local suppliers and paying a fair wage. There isn’t a small independent in the country that isn’t in a precarious position in the current climate. If you want them to survive and thrive then where you choose to spend your money makes a huge difference.

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