It's sheep and goat cheese season

It's sheep and goat cheese season

Spring is here and that means sheep and goat cheese season arriving!

Sheep tend to be indoors for long periods over the winter due to the cold, mostly eating hay. In March they head outside again and the fresh grass makes for richer, better tasting milk and great cheese. It coincides with lambing season so milk is plentiful.

This gives us the chance to order fresh, soft cheeses like Brightwell Ash. It’s a soft, silky goat cheese with bold bright flavours made by the lovely Fraser Norton and Rachel Yarrow only using milk from their own herd. They’re part of wonderful Earth Trust Farm in South Oxfordshire, a project run by an environmental charity that provides tenancies for new food businesses with a focus on sustainable land management.

If you'd like a regular supply of seasonal British cheese, why not join our Real Cheese Club here

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