St John's Hot Cross Buns

St John's Hot Cross Buns

We're coming up to Easter and you know what that means... Hot Cross Buns.

Every year we treat you to the best of the best, the buns from St John Bakery - topping lists of the best buns in London every year.

There's nothing revolutionary going on, they're just properly flavoured buns made with time and care.

The Recipe

The buns are generously fruited and packed with spices, ginger, cinnamon, organic orange peel and mixed spice. They rest and prove for over 4 hours, making each batch a real labour of love, with a depth of flavour only comes with time.

The Secret Weapon

We think it's the finely chopped stem ginger that really makes the difference to these buns, along with a bit of ginger syrup for the spicy pep.

Want Some?

We'll be offering them on our shop counter every weekend from now until Easter. But do let us know if you want to pre-order any to avoid disappointment - we always sell out over Easter weekend...

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