What's In Season For February

What's In Season For February

Livening Up Roots 

Look we're not going to lie, we're getting a bit sick of the same roots and greens. We're still roasting cauliflower, parsnips, swede and celeriac, but leaning away from the curries and chillies. Try whole roasted onions or shallots alongside a cheeseboard, roasted roots in a big grain salad (maybe a little roasted apple in there too) or served with a lively salsa verde.

Try perking up roasted roots with a zingy green sauce - parsley, garlic, capers, lemon and plenty of olive oil - whatever else you add is up to you: tarragon, basil, mint, anchovies, gherkins and shallots would all be well at home.

Zesty Greens

Time to look ahead to spring and bid farewell to the soups and stews. We've been enjoying the UK grown kalettes this week - lovely little flower-like brassicas. Great shredded into risotto with lots of lemon - keep a few whole ones to garnish the top. Or for a super easy meal just blitz up some kale or other green into a pesto - it'll be ready by the time the pasta has cooked!

Wintery brassicas become a summery pasta with this kale pesto. Add a few roasted tomatoes for a burst of colour if you fancy.   

Winter Citrus and Forced Rhubarb

We're still relying on imported citrus for our vitamin C at them moment. Clementines, big juicy oranges and the continuation of the short blood orange season. We are getting super-pink forced rhubarb from the UK though, so get the custard ready...

Pink new season forced rhubarb is wonderful in a custard tart. It's 'roll your sleeves up' cooking, blind baking pastry, roasting rhubarb and making custard - but I promise you it will be worth it!.

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