What's In Season - January

What's In Season - January

Same Old, Same Old

Not too much change in what's in season from December to January. Hopefully though crisp greens and brightly coloured roots seem at their most appealing after the excesses of Christmas.

Maybe it's time to dust off that blender or juicer someone bought you several Christmases ago and . Just remember to prioritise veg, not fruit in your smoothies. It's also well worth going for organic if you're juicing or making smoothies - to avoid any nasties.  

A nice green juice to supercharge you for the new year - uses seasonal British veg and just a little apple for sweetness.

Unusual Roots

You may have had your fill of potatoes, carrots and beets at this point, so why not look to the more unusual roots. Jersulem Artichokes roast up a dream with distinctive nuttiness. Lovely in a warm salad, gratin or anywhere you'd use a potato. Meanwhile kohlrabi is the perfect January veg. Fresh, crisp, refreshing. Appley and turnipy all at once. 

Try kohlrabi finely sliced with lemon and olive oil. You can add any number of nice things to it: capers, anchovies, chopped gherkin, parsley, dill, thinly sliced apple or whatever takes your fancy.   

Blood Oranges!

This is not the most varied time of year for fruit - yes, it's still apples and pears here in the UK. You'll be forgiven for looking abroad where citrus fruits, especially when blood oranges are in season.

We're used to being able to get most fruit all year round - which makes the short winter season for blood oranges all the more special. Enjoy them while you can. If you aren't just eating them, try them in a salad alongside something punchy, like shaved fennel.

If you're sticking with apples, well who could begrudge you cracking out some old fashioned pudding recipes - after all you've been eating all your vegetables, right?

Eve's Pudding is about the easiest pudding in the world, but is rarely seen for some reason, just apples topped in sponge cake. Raisins are optional, I like to soak them in brandy for a little kick before adding them.

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